Line Sizing and Fluid Velocity

Line size selection Selecting the proper line size for a hydraulic system is critical to get maximum performance and life from your hydraulic components. The four basic line types in a hydraulic system are:  Pump suction, Return (Low pressure

Why Is There Air?

Air is a Contaminant!Air is quite convenient for the support of all life forms; however, it can be extremely detrimental when allowed to infiltrate oil hydraulic systems. Air must therefore be considered a contaminant just like dirt, sludge and water. … Continued

Why Is It So Loud?

Noise; How is it created?Noise is a by-product of inefficiency caused by the conversion of energy from one form to another. Nearly every component of a hydraulic system is likely to be associated with noise. Electric Motors – The predominant … Continued

Understanding the New ISO Filtration Cleanliness Codes

ISO codes increase hydraulic system uptime.For years anybody that has worked in fluid power has known that the number one cause of hydraulic component failure is contamination.  It has been reported that anywhere from 75% – 90% of failures are … Continued

Pitfalls In Applying Hydraulic Cylinders

Cylinders Many a good designer has shot himself in the proverbial foot, because they were overlooking the basic and sometimes the obvious, when applying cylinders. We hope the following will bring to your attention some of these pitfalls and save … Continued

Why Is There Heat?

A definition of heat – If we look to our friend Noah Webster, for a definition of heat, he would tell us that” Heat is a form of energy associated with the motion of atoms or molecules in solids and … Continued

Sales Management

RHM is pleased to announce Mike Baker has taken over sales management responsibilities for RHM’s machine tool, automotive and general industrial markets in eastern Michigan. Mike is a 24 year veteran of RHM, having spent most of his career in … Continued

U-M / RHM Senior Project

Students at the University of Michigan have teamed up with RHM Fluid Power and Sun Hydraulics for a project involving the use of hydraulics in the Xebra PK Truck.  The Xebra is an Electric Vehicle (EV) which uses an hydraulic … Continued

Executive Management Changes

RHM is delighted to announce that Jeff Verona has been named president and chief operating officer of the corporation.  Jeff has been with RHM since 1976 and has worked in virtually all areas of the corporation over the past thirty-four … Continued