RHM electrical panels are a natural extension and complement to our extensive line-up of fluid power systems.  Panels are designed and built for use as stand-alone products or for integration with RHM built fluid power systems.  RHM is versatile in its ability to be competitive in quoting your “build-only” panels, as well as, designing custom panels in conjunction with our design team partner, Data Acquisition & Control Systems, Inc.  Capabilities run the gamut of simple motor starters to complex data acquisition and test systems.

  • Engineering….internal staff of design engineers with global controls experience
  • Assembly….dedicated staff committed solely to panel build and test
  • Quality….every panel is fully tested using continuity testing procedures
  • Versatile….starters, MMCs, PLCs, data acquisition, diagnostics and more
  • Quick response….quote turnaround in 5 days or less…sooner if required
  • Support….backed by RHM’s 50+ year reputation as a respected market leader
  • Delivery….2 to 4 weeks as standard
  • Collaboration….partnered with Williams Distributing (UEP) and Data Acquisition & Control Systems for total design, distribution and integration expertise
  • Experience….total team effort with proven experience going back 75 years
  • Integration….expert at integrating multiple technologies on a single platform
  • Flexible….simple build-only panels or complicated controls systems
  • Single-source….one-stop for all design, engineering, build and test


Virtually all industrial and process applications have need for some form of electrical control panel.  Markets for which RHM has provided either stand-alone or systems integrated electrical panels, includes:

  • Machine tools
  • Power generation
  • Material handling
  • Automotive industries
  • Oil and gas equipment
  • Metal forming machinery
  • Aerospace
  • Process industries
  • Food and beverage
  • Testing labs / R & D
  • Plastics machinery
  • Steel industries
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Automation systems