Since 1958, RHM has been an industry leader in providing hydraulic components, systems and solutions. With well over 20,000 hydraulic systems designed, built and shipped around the world, RHM is one of the premier sources of hydraulic systems in North America. From 5hp to 10,000hp, no application is too big or too small.

With global partners such as Eaton Vickers, Sun Hydraulics, Hawe Hydraulics, Schroeder Filtration and more, RHM is supported by some of the finest manufacturers in the fluid power industry to meet your every system component need.

RHM is one of North Americas largest sources for the design, build and test of fluid power systems. Capabilities run from small 5 hp gear pump units to 10,000 hp central systems and virtually anything in between. RHM has provided systems to OEMs and user plants on a local level and around the world. The automotive industry, in particular, has favored RHM many times as a single source or preferred source of fluid power systems for entire plant programs.

While RHM has been providing power units since 1958, sales of fluid power systems alone have topped $135 million over the past fifteen years! RHM has delivered over 20,000 hydraulic power units and coolant systems to the industrial marketplace over the past thirty-five years. While RHM is extremely versatile in meeting most any fluid power system requirement, samples of hydraulic and other fluid power system capabilities include:

  • Hydraulic power units of any size of configuration
  • High pressure coolant systems
  • Test stands
  • Utility skids combining hydraulics, pneumatics, lubrication & coolant
  • Fluid fill systems for engines or transmissions
  • Recirculation or total loss lubrication systems
  • Duplex hydraulic or coolant filtration system
  • Filter carts and vehicles
  • Temperature control and chiller systems
  • Coolant pump-backs
  • Chip removal conveyor systems
  • Machine tool high speed spindle cooling
  • Accumulator stands
  • Heating, cooling and filtration systems
  • In-plant retrofit projects and installations
  • Custom manifold assemblies of any size or configuration
  • Standard DO3, DO5 & DO8 parallel manifolds
  • Large plant central systems
  • Servo and proportional control systems
  • Electrical controls for hydraulic, lubrication, pneumatic & coolant systems

RHM is the clear market leader when it comes to delivering high quality low cost competitive fluid power systems to its customers. Attention to detail drives the process, customer satisfaction drives continued opportunities.


RHM built fluid power systems are generally applied in industrial plant environments, though some find their way into mobile, marine or laboratory settings. While there are literally hundreds of end use applications for RHM fluid power systems, some of the more common uses include:

  • Metal cutting machine tools
  • Metal forming machinery
  • Conveyor systems
  • Component test stands
  • Foundries and primary metals plants
  • Presses, including cushions, clutches & brakes
  • Automated assembly systems
  • Car washes
  • Packaging systems
  • Pulp and paper industries
  • Grinding and honing applications
  • Plastic injection and blow molding
  • R & D test facilities
  • Plant central systems
  • Material handling and robotic systems

In summary, RHM designs and builds fluid power systems for virtually any type of application and does so for a tremendous cross-section of end user requirements. If there is a linear or rotary motion control need, RHM can provide a system to power and control it!


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